The Book


What's it About?

No Days Off is adequately sub titled "The Story of a Hockey Purgatory" as Canadian Author Brian Patafie takes you on a continued journey of his life as a trainer in professional hockey. No Days Off picks up where Ice it Down left off  

When is it available?

No Days Off is scheduled to be released in December 2019 

Where can I get it?

No Days Off will be available at book stores both in the U.S. and Canada on Amazon and from the website

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No Days Off will be available for Presale from this website beginning October 15th 2019 with guaranteed delivery by December 1st 2019.

I Want My Book Signed

Signed Personalized copies of the book will be available for sale only off of this website. Requests must be made through our you will then receive a confirmation and an invoice for the book as well as First Class Postage from Vancouver, British Columbia for Canadian orders and Manhattan, New York for our U.S. orders

No Days Off, The Story of a Hockey Purgatory by, Brian Patafie


Getting Screwed


I was standing on the bench with Rich just days before Christmas our team was firmly entrenched in second place in the DEL2 unbeknown to me in only a matter of days our lives would be turned completely upside down 

Where Am I ?


Walking up the steps onto our plane I couldn't help but think back to less than three months ago I was a sixty year old man putting out produce in a Food Lion grocery store in Jamestown North Carolina for $9.25 and hour now I was walking up the stairs onto a jet in Frankfurt Germany getting ready to dive back into my first pro hockey game in over two years and making a f*^k of a lot more then $9.25 an hour!