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About Brian


Forty Years of Laughs and Tears

Brian has worked hard to reach the pinnacle in his profession having travelled from the penthouse to the outhouse and then back again making a miraculous recovery following a 2015 unexpected job loss. Hear Brian tell his story in both a humorous and candid style. taking his audience on a forty year journey of repentant and triumph.



Spending my life working in professional hockey sounds like days filled with exuberance and laughter but there are so many other intangibles that come with the position. I am extremely honest with my audience sharing the highs and lows of the hockey industry in a straightforward but lighthearted manner. 



Brian's not coming to your function to send you home in tears. Brian is coming to your function to send you home with the knowledge and confidence to tackle that next project that comes your way, to be the one to step up and say "I can do it" and then set out and conquer the task at hand!

About Brian

Building Relationships


After having my first book published "Ice It Down" I thought I had hit the motherlode in my industry! Being a former NHL trainer, a coveted Keynote Speaker, published author I had it all going for me! Or so I thought. Then a series of poor employment choices coupled with buying into programs that didn't meet both my integral or moral demands had me spiralling towards rock bottom. Come and hear my story I promise I will send you out of the event ready to take on and conquer whatever you may be facing!

A Philosophy for the Future


We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. If someone opens the door for you do you peek at whats on the other side or do you run right through? I'm going to encourage you if someone doesn't open that door then you just need to kick it down . 

Workshops and Keynotes


As a long time speaker and motivator, I will bring new life and connection to your next event. for booking rates and availability contact Chelsea M. Dodson at  and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.


Embrace the Future


What is it that is holding you back and keeping you from turning your dreams into reality? Lets discuss this in a non threatening environment where in Brian's ballad style he can show you how he took chicken crap and turned it into chicken salad. 

Come Smile With Me


I want you to leave two things at the door of the event when you attend and I promise you, you are not going to pick them up on your way out.

1: Your Rear View Mirror: You're no longer going to look back at the past, you're only going to look forward we can learn from the past but event day is going to be the first day of the new you!

2: Your Fears: Were going to spend the next 60 to 90 minutes wearing our armour of success and once you leave that room the word fear will no longer be part of your vocabulary.

Laughter is the Best Medicine


We're going to laugh, we're going to laugh a lot and we're going to learn to laugh at ourselves! We might as well and that will give us the jump on everybody who's currently laughing at us. Bring your sense of humour we are going to be putting it into overdrive! 



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